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Why is it so hard for people to understand that Heaven & Earth meant attributes and not pairing related crap? 

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Naruto 673: We will..!
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sasuke gonna go up to sakura and be like: I see you like the new rings in my eye, how about I get some rings for you too. marry me.

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Ever read a fic that is so heart wrenchingly beautiful and sad that you’re just like





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Protect her.

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your favorite video game series is getting a new game


but it’s not coming out for a console you own


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I can’t help it, I MUST discuss the Sakura panel again.



One of my biggest beefs with many of the characters in this manga, is that once a “bad guy” turns over a leaf, the “good guys” tend to forget all the shit that they’ve done —the greatest example of this is probably with Sasuke and Itachi.  But look at Sakura here, she’s acknowledging that Obito did something good, and she’s thanking him for it, but refuses to forget the shit he has done to her friends (remember, this is the guy who orphaned both of her teammates, not to mention one of the two main reasons there is a war), and she’s not ready to forgive him.

How beautiful is that?  How remarkably human is that?  How exceptionally perfect is that?  I should have known that my precious Sakura would be the character who goes against the grain of one of my biggest manga-induced rashes.

Thank you, Sakura, for once again reminding us that it’s OK to have a complex mix of emotions.  Thank you for illustrating it’s possible to like someone, be thankful to someone for something positive that the individual has done, while retaining anger for the crimes the individual committed.  Throughout this manga, we see as you try to reach Sasuke and Naruto, but honestly they should be reaching for your humanity because you’ll always be number one.